Executive Search

Within our executive search practice we help you find, attract, assess, and retain the single most important driver of your organization’s success: your human capital.

The search begins with you 

No two organizations are alike: Business goals, organizational dynamics, management styles, and personalities are variables that make a company unique. And they are essential factors that must be considered when searching for talent that will not only fit into your organization but, in fact, excel. A tailor-made, rigorous approach married with first-hand industry and functional knowledge are hallmarks of our work – as are impeccable judgement and creativity. We are committed to serving your need. And creating the bespoke solution that will help elevate your success. Executive Search

Our Executive
Search Approach 

Getting to know you and understanding your need

Each search begins with a briefing, not only about the position at hand but also about your organization. Your history, culture, evolution over time, as well as goals for the future create the environment into which we will hire the desired talent. Fully understanding your setup and the expectations for the prospective hire are key when crafting and running a successful search.

Defining the search strategy and aligning priorities

Together, we will discuss which elements of the desired profile are essential and which are nice to have. These parameters will inform the target pools and guide our approach. Ongoing communication and adaptation throughout the search are a given.

Identifying, attracting, and evaluating candidates

Our entire research is performed in-house by highly skilled research experts and senior consultants. The personal approaches are done by our partners, who continue to lead and curate the process in its entirety. We place a strong emphasis on meeting all candidates in person and building up relationships with them; only by being close to the individual can we get a feel for personal fit and idiosyncrasies, all of which we communicate openly and in a timely manner.

Presenting the most qualified candidates and managing the process

Only the strongest candidates make the cut. These are presented in conjunction with formal reports that outline personality, experience, motivation and as well as questions or points to consider. We make sure to manage expectations on all sides of the table and ensure that when client and candidate come together, each party is fully briefed and aware of even nuanced circumstances at hand.

Crossing the finish line

We make a point of maintaining close proximity to all candidates, particularly during the last stages of the process. By managing questions, hesitations, or other sentiments, we can align the client and candidate during a crucial stage where emotions may run high. From taking the lead in negotiations to being a supporting shoulder, it is our main concern that both parties reach an agreement that will set the stone for future joint success.

Executive Search Mainstay

Private market participants are increasingly turning to formal assessment tools when evaluating the chosen candidate. And while we naturally perform our own assessment and due diligence throughout the entire search process, we believe formal tests and assessment centers can be powerful instruments when evaluating how top management behaves under certain conditions.


For the most significant leadership roles, ranging from CEO, CFO, CIO or other CxO positions, we offer partnerships with highly specialized assessment firms that can help paint a clear picture of a candidate’s relevant expertise, leadership abilities, character, motivation, IQ & EQ, as well as cultural fit and capacity to adapt.


  • Private Equity GPs and Fund of Funds
  • Private Debt GPs and Fund of Funds
  • Secondaries GPs and Fund of Funds
  • Venture Capital GPs, including Corporate Venture units and Fund of Funds
  • Private Equity portfolio companies
  • Venture Capital portfolio companies
  • Infrastructure GPs and Fund of Funds
  • Engaged Hedge Funds / Listed Equities / Liquid Alternatives
  • Institutional Investors
  • Family Offices
  • Placement Agents Executive Search

Functions / Positions 

  • Investment professionals (direct, primaries, secondaries, co-investments, liquid alternatives)
  • Origination professionals (target companies, target assets, sponsor coverage)
  • Fundraising / Sales / Business Development / Investor Relations professionals
  • CIOs Executive Search
  • CEOs / CFOs / COOs / CDOs
  • Sector specialists and industry experts

All functions and positions are covered across the seniority spectrum.

Human Capital Advisory

Board Advisory

Concierge Networking

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