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„Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.“

– Thomas Edison, Inventor

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Prior to executing any new human capital strategy a plan is needed. And usually, there is not a lot of time to put it in place. The result – fostered by creativity and pragmatism – is frequently better than anything that could have been conceived in a leisurely world. Over the years, we have helped numerous organizations change, adapt, and reinvent themselves across geographies and strategies. And always within timeframes that are clearly defined and designed to lead to success.
From opening new offices, spinning out business units and adding sector expertise to rethinking board composition or changing organizational structures; we have done it all and are here to help you define and execute your next step. Human Capital Advisory Services

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Market entry advisory (DACH)

Helping international houses understand the German speaking region and advise on setup, talent pool, constraints, challenges, as well as norms (e.g. notice periods, non-compete laws, typical benefits, etc.). Successful work in this area has been executed for GPs, fund of funds, placement agents, and even portfolio companies looking to expand into the area.

Team composition & organizational structure

Understanding your goals and then advising on how best to build, align and develop a team in order to reach these aspirations.

Board composition

Acting as sparring partner when it comes to building an effective Board of Directors. Elements to consider go beyond having the necessary expertise on the Board and encompass further factors such as demographics, gender, technology, or external disruptive forces.

Compensation surveys & benchmarking

Providing up to date and meaningful compensation information for the private markets. Information extends across the various asset classes and all seniority levels.

Diversity, engagement and culture

Helping companies think about diversity in their teams, how to incorporate it into their recruitment efforts, and how to ensure that it continues to thrive once established. The same goes for culture, which is one of most powerful forces when attracting – and especially retaining – strong talent.

Succession planning

Succession is a crucial factor for any founder-led firm. It informs not only fundraising and business development but also recruitment and team composition in fundamental ways. We act as sparring partners for founders looking to transition responsibilities to the next generation and accompany the team throughout the process.


Management teams have the power to make or break an investment for a private equity GP. We partner with the investors to assess company management during the due diligence phase and/or aid throughout the transition phase. Our work may naturally extend into later stages of the portfolio company life cycle and include ongoing assessments or even recruitment of completely new management teams.

Human Capital Advisory

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Board Advisory

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